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SaturnSaturn in House 8 of the BirthChart

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Saturn and mundane house eight have a strong affinity: both deal with death and anguish. Do not worry, this does not mean that you take risks, but that you need to be always prepared to deal with instabilities, losses, or administrative problems all the time, after all, house eight also includes part of your financial side.

Saturn, in this sector, also opens doors to the potential for conflict resolution and makes you put the mental gears to spin: how to find efficient solutions for certain unforeseen events? What can I learn from this experience of loss or fear? What do such fears reveal about me and how can I work with them with maturity? What is my role in this current situation? What, deep down, is being demanded of me?

These and other questions serve as reflection and motivation to overcome difficulties without falling into victimhood or denial.

With such positioning, there may be a tendency to resist changes, growth, and transformations in life. However, you need to reinvent yourself, resurface, and do a purge, revisiting issues that you consider sacramental. If you allow yourself to “let yourself go”, life tends to get a lot lighter.

It can make fear more present, from fear of assuming power and responsibility, to fear of death or anything related to it. In addition, there may be a greater fear of giving yourself completely over to a relationship, and at some point, there may be problems connected with intimacy and sexuality, for example. Generally, one may find it difficult to share their intimacy, and so may handle their intimate relationships with extreme caution.

Over the years and with the experience that age provides, they tend to give in more easily to intimate moments and get carried away. Emotions also become deeper. Material stability tends to be important, and one tends to feel that they are competent to manage the money or wealth of their partners or other people who place resources under their responsibility.

Learning to deal with sexuality, death and all that is secret can be one of their main challenges. They should also pay more attention to their feelings and their instinctual side, as they tend to keep them inside. In order to receive or merge with the other, one will have to become quiet and maintain balance.

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