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Saturn in Aquarius in the BirthChart

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Saturn in Aquarius offers a more scientific, even mathematical, approach to their natives, besides a remarkable ability to concentrate. They can have a darker or more realistic outlook on the future. Usually, this manifests in the sense of improving society and being great organizers and friends. This increases their chances to be more responsible, loyal, impartial and restrained, keeping calm in emergency or dangerous situations.


Close Friendship


People with Saturn in this positioning need structure in their lives but are far from conventional. They need a place to share their ideas, even when they are impractical or fanciful. So, even when they wish to be part of a group, it can be harder for them to make friends. Often, they struggle to hide a potential superiority complex. They can also be a little impersonal or cold, tending to get resented more easily when someone says what they don’t want to hear.


In order to evolve, it might be necessary to admit they are only human, with ups and downs just like everyone else. They need to open up more and be honest with people. This could be a problem because they feel as if they are cool and unique in their own view. Seeing things in a unique, out-of-the-box way is, in fact, valuable. They need to realize their opinions can be of great value to any group. They need to develop their intuition and ability to think creatively. Using these abilities for practical applications will contribute to their happiness and help them make more friends.


Contributing Wisely


They tend to have noble ideals, leaving their ego behind and pondering every question impartially, whether scientific or social. Usually, they are sensible people with good advice and guidance based on universal laws. Uranus, as Aquarius co-ruler, brings more intuition to this positioning. Saturn makes people more focused, which allows this intuition to develop. They tend to have significant intellectual ambition, working intelligently towards discoveries and applications in science or any other areas they wish to, which can more easily bring them status and stature.


Saturn in Aquarius can help people see structures and forms more clearly and bring mathematical abilities. If they don’t receive any influence from other planets, Saturn will still introduce a more acute sense of responsibility and justice to relationships. So those with this position in their birth charts tend to be more loyal and responsible with their friends, family and colleagues.

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