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Saturn in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

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Saturn in Sagittarius motivates people to seek knowledge more seriously. There could be a stronger desire to achieve a high level of education, feeling equally attracted to more profound subjects, such as philosophy. Due to their skepticism, they feel a need to investigate everything, always wanting to prove their theories. Be as it may, their intellectual prowess is of utmost importance. When they can’t achieve the level of education they desire, they become self-taught to sate their thirst for knowledge.


If there’s a lesson to be learned by Saturn in Sagittarius, it is learning how to trust. They tend to be honest and very direct, always saying what they think. However, they can find it hard to show their feelings. Opening up can be good. It is also important to be more careful when judging people or situations, or they can end up having a wrong idea of things. Their hunger for knowledge makes it important to discern what is worth learning since they could waste valuable time learning things that aren’t so useful. Once they resolve these minor issues, they have everything they need to become a renowned expert on their chosen subject, or become well-known for another reason.


Structured and Objective


With Saturn in Sagittarius, this sign gains structure and objectives. Their natives love to learn, and now they have the focus they need. They think that their attitude will mirror the values they consider constructive and help in their quest for the truth. On the other hand, they could develop a minimal and orthodox view of a subjective or have more rigid and personal moral codes, defending moral and justice rules and principles they consider ideal. They can also become more conservative, only changing their points of view after much resistance.


Besides concentration, Saturn in Sagittarius brings along more logic. This is why their natives can find it hard to appreciate the simple things in life. These logical abilities help them gather information more practically and find the best way to get to the truth.


Principles and Reputation


Individuals with this positioning tend to act based on principle. They believe they can only get what they want through their effort. Reputation can also be significant; if something unfair is said about them, they can become resentful. Maybe there’s a fear of disapproval or censorship, so they usually don’t like criticism. They can be afraid of punishment if they don’t live righteously and usually follow society’s rules and laws.


On the other hand, those with this positioning in their charts can become disillusioned with authority. Therefore, they end up creating their own code of conduct using their strong intuition, doing only what they believe is right, according to their principles. Casting their fears aside, people with Saturn in Sagittarius can evolve and become more conscious. They want Sagittarius’ freedom, but it needs to come with rules.

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