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Uranus in Aquarius in the BirthChart

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Uranus in Aquarius birth chart

Last periods with Uranus in Aquarius: 1912 to 1919 | 1995 to 2003

Periods with a potential for brilliant, significant scientific discoveries that attract a more original and inventive perspective and benefit their entire generation.


Uranus has been in Aquarius by the end of the 1990s and early 2000s interacting with parts of the millennial generation. This positioning brings an aura of change and social effervescence at all levels. A feeling of renovation and that, from now on, things will never be the same again. These are times of extremes and unpredictability, of focus on the collective and technology. Sudden and radical changes emerge, and realities are inversed. They also attract technological progress, evolution and frenzied inventiveness, especially regarding electricity, communication and disrupting space-time. The popularization of the Internet is an excellent example of such period.


Stimulates a greater need for social change, an urge to eliminate all barriers between nations, altering crystallized concepts and traditions from the past, being enamored with the future and the potential all things can have. Over the last periods with Uranus in Aquarius, we've seen the rapid ascension of computers and the Internet into the mainstream, reaching the masses and never before seen societal changes. This was also a time to leverage the use of mobile phones, facilitating instant mobile communication. All this, coupled with the entrance of a rising planet on the same sign, with the so-called Age of Aquarius, amplifies Uranus' power even more during such period.


Another great discovery and innovation from the last period of Uranus through Aquarius was the late 1990s stem cell study, which paved the way for many advancements in human health. Uranus is Aquarius' co-ruler and feels very comfortable going through this sign. Both energies have great synergy and create fertile ground for the collective, science, perspectives of the future and discoveries in general.


Birth Chart Interactions


As they age, those born under the influence of Uranus in Aquarius carry this energy and reap its fruits all through their lifetimes. Such positioning can influence its natives to be a little more rebellious and collectivist, more prone to have a heightened sense of freedom and a passion for social causes, adhering to several groups that seek greater equality and fraternity.


As Aquarius co-ruler, it also brings some of this sign's characteristics to its natives. For example, they have fundamental human ideals, independence, generosity and detachment since Uranus' influence tends to be slightly stronger than usual. Such influence will be even more evident if Uranus is close or has an auspicious aspect with luminaries and personal planets in the birth chart, such as the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus, as well as angles such as Rising Sign and Midheaven. These individuals will also potentially effect radical changes in science and technology.

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