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Uranus in Capricorn in the BirthChart

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uranus in capricorn birth chart

Last periods with Uranus in Capricorn: 1904 to 1912 | 1988 to 1996

Generations who tend to propose, create and introduce new social, governmental or commercial structures. Indicates moments of crisis and reformulation of current structures, as well as creating new collective paths.


Uranus's transit over Capricorn brings the potential for political and structural subversions instigated by a desire to transform conventions, society and the establishment. There's a greater need to see new perspectives, rejecting any limitations or impositions from hierarchies and power dominance. In Brazil, for example, the creation of Plano Real took place in the last period with Uranus in Capricorn, as well as various changes that drastically altered conventions and the status quo at the time.


One of the benefits of Uranus in Capricorn is the ability to put problems and crises into logical perspective so that they are understood and resolved. In this sign, Uranus' energy is more focused and tends to be leveraged. Capricorn is the most conventional sign of the zodiac, preferring to do things as correctly and pragmatically as possible.


Birth Chart Interactions


In the birth chart, Uranus' influence over Capricorn can generate in its natives a greater urge to control their lives and to feel special and unique in all they do. There's a greater need to introduce modern concepts and practices, cutting-edge technology and different methodologies. Instead of seeking profit at any cost, morality rules businesses and profit is permanently attached to subjective causes.


Uranus' natural influence towards change tends to be cautious and practical, while this planet wears Capricorn's clothes. These individuals tend to believe in real change, not just for its sake, but change for the common good, preferably with far-reaching results and aiming to deconstruct and construct concepts.


However, Uranus in Capricorn is a relatively contradictory combination. This is the planet of revolution, radical changes, sudden crises, surprise and innovation. Still, it is positioned on the most traditional and conservative of all zodiac signs. There's a tension here, which can manifest differently in its natives' minds. They will tend to constantly review and question traditional societal structures at all levels, although they also somehow respect the past.


The trouble manifests through extreme rebelliousness and a nearly military attachment (Capricorn) to groups and collectives (Uranus) without much-needed moderation. This behavior can be problematic when untamed, as they will need to know when to stop since structures are made to last and not constantly change.


Natives tend to struggle to accept professions or services considered traditional and will find it hard to receive orders or respect hierarchies. The collective aspect wants to wear the uniform and have authority and respect. Uranus's sense of freedom and impetuousness, coupled with Capricorn's discipline and patience, wanting to reform and break up with traditional structures. They transform and introduce fundamental changes into new paradigms. However, these energies are not comfortable together in a basic sense.

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