Uranus Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius in the Birth Chart

Last periods with Uranus in Sagittarius: 1897 to 1904 | 1981 to 1988
Eras known for an expansion towards new horizons with a vigorous, optimistic view of the future. Generations who seek to teach humanity new, broader visions, introducing new concepts of philosophy, religion, ethics and expansions of individual and collective horizons.

When Uranus transits through Sagittarius, there tends to be a strong sense of expansion, optimism, idealism, politics, learning and teaching. Fields of knowledge, glottalization and culturally enriching travels are intensified, as well as a passion for all types of sports.

There’s more joy in the air, a greater interest in foreign cultures and alternative ways of living, as well as more predisposition to create new approaches to education, philosophy, religion and spirituality, as means to reach a higher truth. A greater esteem for personal freedom, religion and a quest for transcendence of the spiritual and higher truths become more evident.

Birth Chart Interactions

In the birth chart, it increases the natives’ tendency to travel a lot in their lifetimes and acquire knowledge of the world and other cultures. This influence helps natives have a little more faith in a higher power and an appreciation for principles of freedom and justice. The media also has a strong appeal to these people.

Uranus in Sagittarius opens individuals’ minds to be more original. This positioning helps with a better sense of humor and intellectual dynamism. This is Sagittarius adventurous spirit incarnate in Uranus’ humanitarian body, where these individuals tend to be great at fixing the world and making it a better place. They value a quest for knowledge, faith or religious significance.

When positioned in Sagittarius, Uranus can offer insights which influence new alternatives for seeking knowledge. These natives tend to travel a lot in their lifetimes (or have an inherent longing for it), bringing home all they’ve learned during their journeys. Just like with other planets when positioned in Sagittarius, there’s a greater risk for becoming fanatical when trying to propagate their truths and a feeling they are not recognized.

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