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The Crescent Moon - persistence, opportunities, intuition

The intermediate phase between the New Moon and the First Quarter

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The second phase of the Moon is called the Crescent Moon, when the dark side of the Moon begins to decrease with the incidence of sunlight as the Moon moves away from the Sun. It is an intermediate phase between the New Moon and the Crescent Moon, where the angle between the Sun and the Moon varies from 45 to 90 degrees.

It's a phase of more agitation and movement, where desires, plans and projects that you defined and mentalized during the New Moon must begin to be put into practice. It's time to shift into first gear!

It is also a somewhat tense phase, as the goals that were idealized are put to the test. If obstacles arise, you have to fight hard to defend, sustain, and direct your intentions. Be more committed and don't give up. By making choices and decisions, everything has a better chance of becoming clearer.

  • Lua Crescente Inspires: development of personal goals, impetus to move forward and achieve.
  • Keywords: achievements, growth, success, opportunities, persistence, intuition.
  • Phase: Receptive / Intermediate
  • Angle between Sun and Moon: 45 to 90 degrees

Crescent Moon - The Second Lunar Phase

It is a phase that brings enormous energy for experimentation and achievement and awakens the hunger for success, possibly giving us more energy. We are more likely to feel a burning flame.

New Moon idealism is still very strong during this phase, which causes some anxiety to turn our ideals into reality. It's time to surrender with faith to test your luck!

But, we must be wise to recognize our limitations and to use our abilities and resources. Changing the course of a project, or an attitude, can be the key to overcoming any eventual difficulty. Always keep in mind that not all our wishes end up coming true, so you can change your goals if you understand that it will be impossible to fulfill them


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