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The Gibbous Moon - cooperation, improvement, productivity

When the Sun and Moon are between 135 and 180 degrees

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The Gibbous Moon suggests a period of analysis and refinement, good for continuing to evolve your intentions and ideas. The ultimate goal is the realization of your short and medium term plans, so you must analyze what is and what is not working properly. This is where the Moon continues to move away from the Sun, further increasing the luminosity on its dark side.

It is a decisive phase for the continuity of whatever it is, where you need to abandon what is not working and change what is necessary. You must align your needs to continue nurturing your projects that are in gestation. Half of the Moon was already illuminated, now the Sun slowly throws more light on the lunar surface, increasing the visible area. Likewise, you should shed more light on your plans, seeing more clearly what needs to be redefined to improve the process.

Lua Gibosa inspires: teamwork, cooperation, analysis and improvement of projects, more productivity.
Keywords: vision, preparation, solidarity, efficiency, analysis, improvement, resilience.
Angle between the Sun and the Moon: from 135 to 180 degrees
Phase: Receptive / Intermediate

Gibbous Moon - The Fourth Lunar Phase

The Gibbous Moon is also called the "Hunchback Moon" or "Convex Moon", being a receptive and passive phase of the Moon, which can help in achievements. However, you need to stop for a while to do some useful analysis and reflections. Is everything going in the direction you want it to go? If the answer is yes, great, keep what you're doing. In case things are not 100%, this is the time to make the necessary adjustments. It's okay to change strategies or make small corrections.

This is also a period of increased generosity, where someone may offer to help us - or vice versa. Therefore, teamwork and synergy define well the helping nature of this lunar phase. At the same time you receive help, look around and see who you can help


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