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Mars in House 6 of the BirthChart

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mars in house 6 birth chart

This is a good positioning for Mars, which is exalted in this sector, a house where the planet feels comfortable expressing itself. It usually endows people with a lot of energy to accomplish the many daily tasks, doing away with procrastination and making people more objective and practical when dealing with responsibilities (especially if this positioning is in Scorpio or Capricorn).

An abundant amount of energy can be used for work and service in general. Usually, people with this positioning work hard or at least have the potential to do so. With all this, it is still important to take a few moments to relax and empty one’s mind, otherwise the sixth house may indicate some illnesses caused by fatigue and nervous tension.

For those with this positioning, it is probably important to have a dynamic routine, so that they will be able to improve in the things they deem necessary and where they believe there is always room for improvement. Occasionally, there may be conflicts at work, especially with those who do not spend as much energy as them and are lazier in their opinion, because a more complicated side of this positioning may lead to fights or greater competitiveness involving the people in their daily work routine, mainly with employees reporting to them.

This increases the chances of feeling more uncomfortable with people who are unprofessional, flawed, lazy or procrastinating. With that, they should make sure their word is respected, not feared. The important thing is to develop, in a more subtle way, the potential leadership that exists in them in relation to their workplace.

They may also be interested in health services (mainly those related to sports), motivational psychology or even jobs that involve the use of rescue instruments, such as paramedics, for example. Serving others is likely to have some relevance.

They may think they know what others need and they can go ahead and do it, instead of trying to find out what others want before they act. They are likely to invest energy in caring for pets as well and tend to get involved in some work that deals directly with them.

This positioning is also very good for conferring skill when using all kinds of sharp instruments, assisting in professions such as hairdressers, tattoo artists and surgeons, just to name a few. It inspires good vitality and a great power of recovery, making the person more analytical, comfortable in analyzing any task before performing it.

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