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Mercury in Leo in the BirthChart

Mercury in Leo indicates a mind that has a strong will and a firm purpose. People with this position are able to maintain an incredible focus on anything they want.

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Mercury in LeoPeople with Mercury in Leo tend to have a mind that has a strong will and a firm purpose. Those with this positioning can stay incredibly focused on anything they want. Indeed, their ability to concentrate gives them a lot of energy and willpower. They generally like to be considered authorities in the areas where they choose to act and are helped by their somewhat dramatic but convincing manner of speaking. However, this inclination can create excessive intellectual pride and a certain arrogance if taken to extremes.


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The intellectual self-confidence indicated by Mercury in Leo favors a positive attitude toward facing and solving problems. However, there may be a tendency to deal with general, broader terms, ignoring the details. Individuals with this positioning may also ignore things that do not relate to their immediate focus of interest. As Leo is a fixed sign, their opinions are formed slowly and reluctantly modified.


Sometimes, they may feel they are helping someone, even if they are merely standing in their way. However, they always think they are doing good. Their plans and projects are rarely put aside. Since they are persistent, they always believe and insist, even if everyone else jumps ship. This characteristic and their creativity, organization and leadership give them tremendous executive capacity. There is also the ability to teach and work on the intellectual development of children.


Theater, investments, events, education, photography and other artistic activities are likely areas of interest.

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