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Mercury in Libra in the BirthChart

Mercury in Libra indicates a mind primarily concerned with human relationships. Natives often have an intense curiosity about the thinking and behavior patterns of others.

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Mercury in LibraMercury in Libra indicates a mind primarily concerned with human relationships. People with this positioning are often intensely curious about the thinking and behavior patterns of others. They may be attracted to human resources, psychology, sociology, and other activities like astrology, public relations, and law.


They find it essential for their relationships to involve effective communication and joy and prefer to work in intellectual partnership with others. They usually communicate efficiently because of their interest in what others think. Shallower people with this Mercury positioning may need to be more firm in their convictions because they tend to agree with their peers to win them over and become popular and accepted.


I choose who I go with


Individuals with this Mercury position tend to associate with people who have “superior” minds, are among those with good manners, have a good reputation and are renowned for their honesty. Inelegant manners and dishonest motivations are considered unpleasant and avoided whenever possible. They may be overly concerned about the appearance and behavior of others. Sometimes, they find certain clothes and speech inappropriate for specific social environments. While they are kind and considerate in the way they talk to people, they can be strict when others do not follow certain principles that are right for them. Because of this, they can make the mistake of expecting the same degree of mental discipline from others that they demand of themselves.


The scales of justice

As Venus rules Libra and makes people seek harmony, while Saturn’s exaltation in Libra seeks justice, people with Mercury in Libra are honest and balanced in all mental relationships. A keen sense of fairness usually makes them honest in their relationships.

They like to consider all sides of an issue before deciding. However, if this desire is misused, it can lead to indecision, and they can thus lose the opportunity to act. However, when decisions are made, they are usually fair-minded and well-considered.


Suppose other factors in their chart are favorable. In that case, this Mercury position is good for the legal professions, counseling, arbitration and other public relations work such as sales and negotiations. But if there are some planets in fixed signs or houses, impatience may affect work in these areas. Decisions that were thought through too much before can be made anxiously.

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