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Midheaven in Aquarius in the BirthChart

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The ambition for what is new and the desire to do something of value in their career are imprinted in this positioning. Aquarius is an energy well adapted to the future and its possibilities. It is an idealistic sign that is friendly to progress, albeit radical. Coloring the Midheaven, on the cusp of House 10 in their birth chart, can make these people excellent communicators and increase the feeling that they must leave the world a little better than they found it.


New technologies, scientific discoveries and the tendency to work in technological revolutions and with information technology may appeal to them. They may also be interested in research, new methods and solutions for many problems and the issues of their day. Suppose they do not have a scientific or mathematical tendency. In that case, their intellectual clarity can be used in other ways, such as teaching and marketing. They can be very good at dealing with groups, such as coaches, project managers, union leaders or people that integrate with an excellent network.


Such positioning often inspires the desire to participate in some form of activism or to be heard in the group. As well as governing the new, Aquarius also influences old things, making them look new. They love to see people and situations change, preferably for the better.


Becoming a guide in the crowd


Underneath the idealism and community spirit at the top are the creativity and self-esteem of the bottom of the sky in Leo. However, care must be taken with a mania for greatness and exclusive interest in their opinions. Although democratic in their talk, they can become terribly authoritarian and demand that others conform to their leadership, practically forcing people to follow their path and opinions.


It may be necessary for them to practice what they preach, which is usually collectivist, and it is a good deal to recognize the efforts of the entire group in addition to their contribution. When people can cope with overcoming the Leo ego at their base, they can become an example of uniqueness as a guide for others, improving the connection throughout their social circle.

The sky now...

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