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Midheaven in Leo in the BirthChart

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Having one's Midheaven in Leo can make people feel (and wish to feel) more special publicly as if they needed to seek a special place in the Sun where their light can shine for the benefit of all (and for general admiration, too)Leo is the sign most connected to the Sun and in its best form, incorporates some of the positive aspects of this King star of our solar system, such as vitality, creativity and abundance.


I can shine if I want to


House 10 deals with career and social position; whoever has this positioning in their birth charts seems to want (or attract) people's attention in public life. When Leo's energy is at its best, it is worth looking at, as the individual may always be trying to do something new, seeking to play a leading role in society, never just an extra.


There may be a strong need to lead, to be in charge, as well as a great deal of talent and an artistic touch, which adorns all the creations of their careers. The need to be unique, to do things with love or to leave a legacy in some manner can be satisfied through a vocation where these people themselves are their own guide.


Increased generosity


Having Aquarius at the bottom of the sky in one's birth chart can entail a particular psychological need to improve the world somehow. Such positioning can cause these people to help others express their special qualities and their light as a coach or facilitator, or they can also have an appreciation for participating in charity work as a volunteer or developing the potential of young people in parallel with their career.


They need to be careful, for if some tense Leo qualities distort Aquarius's idealism, the combination may give rise to megalomaniacal and vain enthusiasm that is not beneficial either to them or others. Leo needs authority and real authority is the result of experience and knowledge. There can be great lessons throughout life that revolve around achieving genuine authority and understanding humility.


The ideal is not to force everyone to share a personal view of how things should be. By getting rid of their Aquarian coldness at the base and activating the most affectionate and generous impulses of their Leo energy at the top, these people can achieve excellent integration that generates a dynamic of outstanding creativity and a natural authority, providing an image of leadership without much effort being undertaken.

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