Midheaven Sagittarius

Midheaven in Sagittarius

Midheaven in Sagittarius in the Birth Chart

With such positioning, these people can have a career associated with adventures, which will serve to develop wisdom and offer an opportunity for constant learning as eternal students, and this will come through in their public image.

Leading tour groups, engaging in paths of discovery, taking part in great sporting activities... all these things tend to be preferred by them to the safety of a desk. Pursuing a diplomatic career, being part of a survey or research team at a border or even working in another country are possibilities that become viable. Sagittarius is the sign of the archer and represents the explorer walking through unfamiliar territories or engaging in physical or mental activities, or some intriguing mix of all of them.

There is another side to this positioning that is strangely philosophical. This is, after all, a sign ruled by Jupiter, and it thus entails concern for ethics and wisdom. Because of this, regardless of the belief system of these people, they can engage in careers that allows them to think deeply, such as something academic or associated with teaching.

It takes focus!

If the energies of Gemini in the bottom of the sky entail a scattered approach, these people will have greater difficulty in defining their life goals, doing everything in life in a superficial manner. It can be a great lesson for them to define their career goals and what they want to achieve, drawing a clear path for themselves. Their life journey can be achieved in a much more objective way through insights and inspiration.

The influence of Midheaven Midheaven on the Signs

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