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Neptune in Leo in the BirthChart

Neptune was in Leo from 1915 to 1925. Neptune in Leo brought a lot of creativity and a different way of seeing the world. It was a period where art and fashion were simmering, there was an almost hypnotic influence.

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Neptune in LeoDe 1915 a 1925...


Neptune in Leo brought a lot of creativity and a different way of seeing the world. It was a period where art and fashion were fervent, and there was an almost hypnotic influence, making people give vent to their imagination.


In its last passage through Leo, Neptune inspired a legion of dreamers and idealists. The passion instigated by Leo was amplified by the planet, bringing out people’s artistic side. Cinema, music, theater, and dressing up were vehicles to express this throbbing artistic vein.


No wonder the 1920s were called the Crazy Years in Brazil, as it brought about a rupture in social paradigms and a change in women’s behavior and emancipation.


The United States was mired in the Great Depression, a crisis that lasted until the beginning of World War II. Perhaps it reflects a false sense of prosperity that permeated American society. Further, in the US, for example, women won the right to vote in 1920. They put aside their corsets and started to favor short hair, as well as sensual makeup, accompanied by bras that allowed women to show their cleavage and shorter clothes. They started smoking, driving and talking more openly about sex.


There was the explosion of jazz, the art of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, the golden age of American cinema (1915–1925) and the fashion of Coco Chanel. A new society was taking shape, leaving behind old habits and old-fashioned behavior. Leo is part of the Fixed Cross of the Zodiac, a mighty axis.


Other characteristics of this period were stubbornness and self-confidence, which could and did lead to arrogance. Success at any cost made people more selfish, doing everything to achieve their dreams.

The need to express oneself and pursue desires harmed the family structure, as disagreements often arose between parents and children. In love, relationships became more intense and there was a great desire for adventure. However, there could still be loyalty between partners.


Just as they wanted to achieve their goals, people also wanted to conquer their loves. However, any disappointment ended up having even more negative impacts on their personal life. All this was also imprinted on the essence of people born in the period, applying such nuances to their way of being.

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