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Neptune in Libra in the BirthChart

Neptune was in Libra from 1942 to 1956. Libra is an energy that inspires a strong sense of justice, something that is amplified by Neptune. The last time Neptune was in Libra, the world was recovering from World War II.

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Neptune in LibraFrom 1942 to 1956... A balance had to be sought.


Libra’s energy inspired a strong sense of justice, something that was amplified by Neptune. The last time Neptune was in Libra, the world was recovering from World War II, and a movement for peace and justice echoed throughout all nations, especially those that had suffered the most.


It brought on a period when better diplomacy and understanding between people were needed. The search for peace and a feeling of love for others gave rise to acts that marked history in Neptune’s last passage through Libra (1942–1956), such as the creation of the UN (United Nations), the end of racial segregation in American schools, the exaltation of the theme of equality between peoples, among other facts.


The Marshall Plan, known as the “European Recovery Program,” was a plan by the United States to rebuild the allied countries of Europe in the years following World War II. The downside is that a wave of idealism eventually invaded politics, opening the door to all kinds of people who hitched a ride in the struggle for gender equality and love of their neighbors, important causes that ended up being used for personal purposes.


Both idealism and hypocrisy ended up spilling over into other aspects of life, such as the professional side. Pursuing success has become an obsession, as Libra makes people try to influence others to accept their views. After all, they think they are always right. The so-called rebels without a cause arose in this last passage of Neptune through Libra. They were people who fought tooth and nail for their principles, although often with great exaggeration.


The search for peace, love and equality gave rise to the hippie movement in the 1960s. Love, by the way, was another fundamental point that permeated this period. The greater need to give and receive affection brought negative aspects, such as the constant search for perfect love, idealization of partners and infidelity, since when expectations are not met, it is easier to try with someone else. All these things imprinted a mark on people born during this transit, generating individuals who later had such things evidenced in part of their personalities.

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