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Pluto in Leo

Pluto in Leo in the Birth Chart

It’s interesting how the concept of generation we have used all through the 20th century has some parallels with Pluto’s positionings. People born in generations where Pluto has already reached a different sign could have very distinct challenges, inner possibilities, concepts of power and ways to deal with changes and transitions in society, when compared to others.

Latest periods of Pluto in Leo: 1693 to 1711 | 1939 to 1957
Great power and transformation in matters of authority, image, leaders and kingdoms.

On a more macro sense, these are times when themes such as authoritarian politics, the fascination with power, charismatic leaders and authoritarian rules are at the forefront. During these periods, power tends to be fixed, concentrated in the hands of people who are admired and play an important role in the collective unconsciousness. Art, spectacle, exuberance and cult of leaders becomes a driving force to the masses, such as Hitler led a population which cemented his megalomaniac impulse to dominate and transform the world into his own likeness under Pluto in Leo’s rule.

Birth Chart Interactions

On a personal level, people with this positioning tend to be more self-critical and have stronger personal principles and beliefs, which are more vigorously expressed, with an extra dose of exuberance and charismatic potential. Pride usually manifests through authoritarian impulses or a need to help, guide or rule over others.

With a need to adopt a leadership role in many situations through life, it looks like the Pluto in Leo generation doesn’t shy away from responsibility, being potential leaders by nature, especially if chart aspects interact and become stronger with this positioning. Therefore, they tend to be more easily hurt when overpowered by authority, as they feel this is a right only they possess.

Along their lives, this generation will likely go through identity crisis, often unleashed by the interaction with their children or relationships, where these important situations redefine attitudes, objectives, personalities and behaviors along their lives.

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