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Pluto in Libra in the BirthChart

Pluto was in Libra between 1728 to 1738 and 1971 to 1984. Great power and transformations in social relations, in the sense of justice and equality is suggested.

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It’s interesting how the concept of generation we have used all through the 20th century has some parallels with Pluto’s positions. People born in generations where Pluto has already reached a different sign could have very distinct challenges, inner possibilities, concepts of power and ways to deal with changes and transitions in society, when compared to others.

Latest periods of Pluto in Libra: 1728 to 1738 | 1971 to 1984
Great power and transformation in social relationships, in aspects of justice and balance.

On a broader level, we can say important changes in human relationships occurs in periods when Pluto transits through Libra. Over the latest periods, marriages have had an increased demand for equality and balance in relationships. The same happened in politics and social aspects, where people started finding new ways to interact, fighting against prejudice, taboo and norms that needed to be extinguished or go through a profound change. This transit always stimulates profound social transformations, which often bring along some disruption, especially when the establishment is rooted in unequal relationships.

Pluto is a mighty force that inspires generational changes. It transforms, destroys renews and develops what it touches, and it is also linked to the collective spiritual development and concepts of power. This generation has the potential to understand the deepest justice and diplomacy concepts in an intimate and consistent way, where the pursuit of balance can be a blessing or a course. Due to Pluto’s potent archetype under Libra’s terms, relationships can go through some difficulties which, on a personal level, are usually intense and transformative for these natives.

The latest Pluto-Libra generation is behind the invention of unifying technologies and tend to rebel against anything which isn’t in harmony within its own terms, including an important role in exposing governments, religions and doctrines which have flawed theoretical concepts, which are poorly established or deceiving.

Relationships which are diverse in nature can also become more socially acceptable during this period, including homosexual, pansexual and interracial relationships, which start to be normalized. Between the 1970s and 1980s, a desire for more balance and harmony in relationships of any sexual orientation started to change how society see non-traditional couples, breaking ground for an even greater revolution in the next generation, with Pluto entering its co-ruling sign, Scorpio, and becoming even stronger.

Pluto in Libra has an energy centered in transformative relationships and partnerships, where many children of this generation have witnessed their parents’ divorce. They are mostly known as “Generation X”, but unlike their parents, they are more prone to find balance in their relationships, as they don’t see a problem in being satisfied with a long-term partner, and this relationship stems from many personal transformations along the way, with ups and downs, and the renewal of vows occurring cyclically. They also nurture a greater affinity with art, music and beautiful things in general.

Birth Chart Interactions

In an individual analysis, the generation that shares Pluto in Libra get an additional potential to be sensitive to the world’s injustices, often judging them more harshly, mercilessly or irrationally, though it may seem fair in their terms. Many have come to this world to fix necessary things, helping to solve some problems created by previous generations in a more balanced way. They share a strong inner desire to fix what other generations have broken.

Relationships tend to be sought constantly, although many can be tough, complicated or messy, always being a source of personal transformation for all this generation. In that sense, these people have an inherent tendency to be unconventional and intense when it comes to relationships and business partnerships, which can verge on compulsion. They tend to sense problems which are hidden behind a great amount of social and mundane questions, and take a stance in search of truth.

Indecision can be a shared characteristic, as they could often be heavily involved in these questions to make the best decision. Since they tend to easily understand many sides of the same coin, it can be hard to decide which the best solution is. These are people who tend not to find peace until they have an answer or a solution to things they are participating in. This is where power struggles can happen, as they feel their solutions are more accurate, which is a great source of trouble in relationships.

The ability to commit can also be different, allowing them to look at many sides of a question and understand which is the fairer and most balances solution. Moreover, such personal power can attract other people in search of advice and answers to their sorrows, making them a generation which can’t see anyone in trouble without helping them. The best way to grow and develop is to abandon the need or compulsion to maintain a perfect balance in life, understanding its natural flow and letting go every once in a while.

Libra’s cardinal nature and Pluto’s power make people from this generation more apt to sort things out on their own instead of getting help from others (especially when aspects with Pluto are formed in the birth chart ), oftentimes finding solutions to problems since they were little. Cardinal signs always bring news and novelty, therefore, combining the active energy from Pluto in Libra with the Pluto in Capricorn generation which comes along a few decades later, creates positive changes in the world. This is a strong trend with these people, which could end up as parents and children due to the time between generations.

However, learning how to compromise and putting the greater good before their own interests is a great challenge, as their search for balance makes unbalance a possibility. They are attracted to escape routes to decompress from the stress created by previous generations. Nevertheless, due to the law of action-reaction, when they transform others, they end up transforming themselves, too.

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