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Uranus in Libra in the BirthChart

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uranus in libra birth chart

Last periods with Uranus in Libra: 1885 to 1891 | 1968 to 1975 | 2053 to 2060

Periods and generations where people look for new relationship dynamics, disrupting obsolete structures and seeking better alternatives. New concepts of justice may emerge amongst turbulences and diplomatic crises.


Uranus in Libra inspires periods of significant societal changes, especially in justice, diplomacy and equality. Revolutionary activities encourage discussions and policies on gender equality and other relevant themes.


New ideas of freedom in marriage and partnerships become relevant. Traditionally, not so long ago, discussing relationships and divorce was considered shameful and even taboo. Most people passively accepted many unhappy relationship situations as having no possible way out. However, Uranus in Libra has inspired a revolution, and ideas on personal freedom, integrity, and happiness were essential to effect change in that context, a quality that has become a trait of its natives.


Birth Chart Interactions


People born with Uranus in Libra on their birth charts are more likely to be attracted to human relationships. Individuals who share this positioning may have original ideas about equality and mutual rights in interpersonal relationships.


It contributes to friendliness, which can also be developed into intimate relationships. There’s a greater need to assert their values and have unusual relationships. They could even want to be alone for a while.


This generation helped propel the sexual revolution, untangling themselves from their parents’ traditions. Having open relationships or multiple partners became a much more acceptable and visible reality. Although “peace & love” and “free love” didn’t last very long with such exuberance, relationships were forever changed as the seeds had been planted.

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