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Mars in Libra in the BirthChart

Libra is a sign that encourages sociability among people, so Mars in Libra tends to be hesitant to act, never attacking directly, for example, but relying on environmental and social conditions to accomplish its goals.

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Mars in LibraHaving Mars in Libra generally expands the person's need for social approval. As Libra is the sign opposite Aries (ruled by Mars), with this positioning the planet is more weakened because it is so far from its home of origin. Its assertive energies are more limited under the Libran influence, more cordial and political. Libra is a sign that encourages sociability among people, therefore those with Mars in Libra tend to be hesitant to act, never attacking directly, for example, but taking advantage of environmental and social conditions to complete their goals.

Usually, they get together or get married out of their search for the emotional gratification of the coupling, the potential exchange that the other can provide. They generally like more assertive and attentive partners and find it easier to confuse their own desires and ambitions with those of their partner. They also tend to be very good at disguising anger.

War of influences

This is a positioning that can generate a real war of influences. While Mars is the planet of action and propulsion, Libra wants to be balanced and thoughtful. Mars' most selfish and aggressive tendencies, for example, are minimized by Libra's influence. Mars is a planet that gets more moderate depending on who it interacts with. If it is in aspect with Venus, for example, it is blessed with social refinement, while with Saturn, it gets more discipline and prudence. Libra can provide more balance and harmony in the face of the impatience and recklessness of Mars’s raw action, but also a lot of hesitation and thoughtfulness, things that are relatively antagonistic.

Of course, the influence of Mars ends up amplifying some characteristics of Libra. For example, Libra does not like it when their principles of justice are violated. Mars may make this feeling turn into revolt and become exposed. Libra also believes that the established rules must be complied with. When Mars is under tension in this sign due to some aspect, individuals with this positioning may demand that people adhere to the rules of social behavior to the letter. Under a lot of tension, Mars in Libra can also bring difficulties to companies and societies, caused by discussions and power disputes. Diplomacy and patience must be cultivated, at the expense of cynicism and manipulation, to mitigate the influences of Mars in this sign.

Mars in Libra when things get intimate: equity and harmony

Mars in Libra tends to be more romantic, enjoying private moments with their partner as part of the romance, a tasty main course at the relationship party. Creating beauty, harmony and an atmosphere of serenity as a backdrop are usually pleasing. Paying extra attention to picking up subtle clues is important and diverse fetishes can be quite appealing.


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