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Midheaven in Libra in the BirthChart

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Anyone who has Libra coloring their Midheaven usually has to decide early on what they want to do with their life. Being an air sign with very sociable energy associated with harmony and politicization, pursuing a career that allows them to calm turbulent waters may be attractive to these people. Any area where they can mediate, reconcile and advise can be profoundly rewarding. Their human touch also helps them in the potential for a public relations career.


Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by Venus, which influences these people to have artistic gifts or to work in a more social environment, as a musician or in some field of art where they can both please and connect with other people. Working in interior decorating or as an art dealer may have a certain appeal.


An adorable social appearance can hide the iron fist of Mars from the opposite sign, Aries. These people can be good diplomats or politicians if they are strongly influenced by Aries's passion for leading. They can also have a greater interest in laws and justice and pursue a career in the legal field. The charm of Libra people in the public eye can make them even more convincing in their speeches, helping in any of these areas.


Balancing the scales


Aries entails a risk, however, to those who have their Midheaven in the sign of Libra. The predominantly individualistic manner of Aries in the bottom of the sky is the counterpoint to the scales, suggesting that these people also need to live along with a more incisive side in their psychological bases.


It may be necessary for them to understand that the needs and rights of others are just as important as their own. After all, what is fair is fair. When such individuals master their internal Aryan-based power and direct it for the good of others and themselves, they maintain their balance. In doing so, they bring harmony to everyone around them, making others see their authority as fair mediators.

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