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SaturnSaturn in House 12 of the BirthChart

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A greater sense of guilt can come out of this Saturn positioning, influencing the person even if they are not aware of where this feeling comes from. Excessive self-criticism can make them constantly make judgments about themselves. It is an energy that can make natives feel greater fear when in contact with the unknown, with everything that is not palpable or hidden. The fear of making mistakes can also make them hold back their feelings and be a source of anxiety.

It can also cause a greater fear of surrendering to life, of dreaming, of letting things flow naturally, and of developing spirituality and sensitivity. They may need to trust more and ask other people for help. The slightest thought of exposing their innermost feelings to someone can make them feel vulnerable. An excess of imagination can also make them have feelings that will make it easier for them to see problems where they do not exist, so positivity and practicality must always be worked on.

In some cases, such positioning can be indicative of fears, abandonments, fright, isolation, and self-sabotage through addictions, exaggerations, behaviors, and beliefs. There is a tendency to eventually meet false people, who at first captivate you, but then show their true face. Therefore, be cautious with whoever enters your life, which does not mean becoming suspicious of everything and everyone: sometimes we create our own disappointments. Such pointed conditions are reduced if Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius and of confirmed potentials if it is in Aries, Cancer, or Leo.

On the positive side, one is more likely to isolate themselves to work on their Inner Self and be sensitive to humanitarian missions. There is a positive tendency to help others, to work for the least favored, needy, or troubled, to support or work in hospitals, nursing homes, public service institutions, among others. They usually like to be a caring person and take seriously everything they do to help others, giving themselves fully to what they do.

Perseverance can make one overcome problems and achieve their goals, but one of the main challenges is to learn to deal with fear or insecurity. One of the ways to receive help on this path is to develop higher awareness and sensitivity.
Meditation is a good way for anyone who wants to reach the right destination. Creative talents must also be tapped. It will be important to develop a social side in parallel to their goals. If there is a tendency to engage in volunteer work, do so with compassion, responsibility, and competence.

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