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Midheaven in Capricorn in the BirthChart

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Such positioning suggests greater obstinacy to succeed in something, gain respect and recognition through their career, and be more willing and determined to decide how things should be. Capricorn is naturally associated with the House 10 of the Zodiac, where the cusp symbolizes social image, career and fame; it is thus a sign with a strong affinity with such themes. Hierarchy, authority and respect do not bother them, as Capricorn involves efficient energy and a military-like and disciplined way of doing and structuring things.


It indicates a greater understanding of reality and all that it can bring, with a strong sense of what is right and wrong throughout life. Ambition is not a problem, and people with this positioning have greater clarity in this regard. The sign of the goat with the tail of a fish is famous for its ambition and desire to exercise some form of control. This positioning suggests a greater willingness to reach an executive or other prominent position, as they clearly know the most pragmatic way to act in different situations.


Progress may be a little more complicated, slow-going, and cautious, but when approached correctly through hard work and structured actions, success comes about surely but slowly, just as top-echelon positions do, over time. And suppose these people's ambitions do not get that far. In that case, they can still be good managers, coordinators, supervisors or heads of departments. Somehow, having greater autonomy tends to be important, and these people usually climb up to higher positions almost automatically.


Whoever has this positioning also gains more potential to work for themselves. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign; all of this element's signs have a greater affinity with resources, business and financial gains. They can be good accountants, bankers and investors, for example. If these people have greater intellectual capacity in their personality, they can do very well academically, working in research areas or administrative positions.


The need for protection

Cancer is at the bottom of the sky and influences people's careers, amplifying their protective instincts, including self-protection. Acting under a more austere formality, these individuals tend to be more emotional and sensitive in their private world, being easily hurt or discouraged. This can cause one's Capricorn side to try to make up for it, giving rise to a resilient force at the first sign of discouragement.


People may think it is better to start things their way already because they have a broad notion of the entire structure of their desire, setting an appropriate example of duty and discipline. This can be a little bit turbulent, especially if other people come to see them as tyrants, thus having very little support if that is the case. A very incisive, arrogant attitude could be costly in the long run if they are still trying to reach their goals or move up in their career.


It can be an excellent lesson for them to be more flexible in control and work ethics. Understand that it is easier to deal with people using Cancerian sweetness than Capricorn seriousness, using common sense to avoid excesses on either side. When they understand their sensitivity well, it generates a sizeable internal base of operations for their social position to take them very far. The humbler goats will climb to the top of the mountain they choose with more propriety, authority, and deserved recognition.

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